The Daily Wrap

On the eve of the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, Scott Lucas set the scene, Tehran Bureau presented the plan against the protesters, the NYT reported the crackdown on journalists, FP chronicled the people who want to bomb Iran, Trita Parsi said to let the US take care of the situation, Robert Wright discussed the nuclear program, and a beefcake used his body to protest the regime.

In other news, the Binyam Mohammed case took a dramatic turn, Gingrich tried to feed us falsities, and a new Fox clone launched a congressional campaign. The Dish kept tabs on the Christianism of Palin and Bachmann, Nate Silver considered a Palin victory in the primaries, TNC gave props to the First Lady, Steve Chapman showed the tolerance of militaries with gay members, and we highlighted the fact that climate change created more snow. Cool ad here.

Andrew crafted a lengthy response to Wieseltier. Frum, Chait, Greenwald, Larison, and a reader commented on the controversy.

-- C.B.