The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish we tracked the events of 22 Bahman. Extensive summary of our night-shift here. Accounts of the junta's lockdown here, here, and here. Analysis here and here. Glimpses of violence here, here, here, and here. Various doubts of Ahmadi's "20 percent" claim here and a critique of the speech here. Stories of press manipulation here and here. Andrew's impression of the day here and Scott Lucas' here.

In other coverage, the Dish brought fresh evidence to the torture debate here, here, and here. Andrew again addressed the Wieseltier controversy (with backup here). Palin appeared not as popular as many fear, though she did seem to have critics in the palm of her hand. That San Francisco gay-couple story was apparently bunk. And we recorded a blockbuster quote from Choi.

-- C.B.