The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew wondered what the Obama administration should do about Bush torture. He also addressed the broader context of the Weiseltier flap, a reader responded, DiA defended political generalizations, a reader touched up a double standard involving Cuba, and we highlighted a real act of anti-semitism.

Post-mortems on 22 Bahman from Juan Cole and Marc Lynch. Nuke discussion from Fred Kaplan and Matthew Kroenig. Stunning images from Iran here and here.

Palin wants to be Esther. More speculation about her presidential chances from Weigel, Sargent, Frum, David Boas, Michael Savage, and a reader. Politico tackled her relationship with the MSM and McCain sounded like her on climate change.

In other commentary, Megan and others grappled with the deadly implications of health insurance, Volokh discussed DADT and lesbians, Dreher got grossed out with Grindr, and a reader jumped in the debate over obesity. Gay couples gained ground and made a powerful statement about inequality. This ad was creepy.

-- C.B.