The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Nate Silver assessed the impact of the Bayh departure. Klein and Cohn checked in on HCR, Cowen crunched the numbers on lives likely saved (more here), Tumulty reported rising premiums, and Reihan called out Dems for "faux bipartisanship." Joe the Plumber and's founder turned on Palin.

In Israel-related commentary, Andrew Sprung reflected on the dynamic between Islamists and neocons, a reader chimed in, Johann Hari recounted his experiences with the anti-semite smear, Wayne Dynes examined the multiple gods in the Hebrew bible, and Andrew addressed a debate between Walt and Judis at length.

In assorted coverage, Beinart exposed the wedge between Cheney and Bush over terrorism, an Alaska blogger highlighted the rift between Palin and her former speechwriter, Larison defended the Leveretts against Andrew, and Balko calculated the number of innocent people in prison. The Dish spotted another good omen for ending DADT, heard a heartbreaking story centered on healthcare reform, watched David Cameron give an impressive PM pitch, and aired the horrendous piece of journalism behind the anti-Muslim incident in Nashville.

Readers dissented over ugly criminals, the Onion investigated the latest threat to marriage, and we discovered another poseur. Don't miss these flying dogs and these un-flying mosquitoes. And here's the weekend wrap if you missed it.

-- C.B.