The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we concentrated on the capture of the Taliban's top military commander. Reax here. Andrew's take here and here. The Taliban denied the news, Drudge buried the story, Thiessen won a Von Hoffman, and Steve Coll described the diplomatic conditions that facilitated the capture.

In other coverage, Marc Lynch checked in on Iraq's intransigence, Scott Horton put the heat on Cheney's confession, George Packer sized up Beltway journalism, and Andrew tackled its convention wisdom. Douthat summed up Bayh's career and Fallows challenged him to act on his words. Andrew cornered Ron Radosh over anti-semite smears (response here) and readdressed the smears against him. The debate over the Leveretts' "glee" continued.

The Dish spotlighted another civil rights protest, readers responded to the pot raid in Colorado, another contributed over false confessions, Carnival exploded on the Big Picture, Avatar continued to permeate the culture, and the Founding Fathers formed a boy band.

-- C.B.