The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew called out American bishops for their silence on the torture question. And a string of commentators kept the heat on Thiessen, including Mark Shea, Tim Weiner, Jonathan Bernstein, Michael Scherer, Adam Serwer, and readers (here and here).

Goldblog and Andrew discussed the state of Israel, Sonny Bunch backed the Dubai assassination, Matt Steinglass remarked on Barak's "apartheid" remark, and Walt went another round with Judis. Mark Knoller wondered where Obama has been. Stimulus debate here, here, here, and here.

Andrew gushed over the Pet Shop Boys again and a reader took down Limbaugh's insane comments. We posted Nick Herbert's full speech from Cato, a pair of students confronted Yoo over his war crimes, Google compromised everyone's privacy, and a local news station couldn't say "penis."

If you want to intern at the Dish, apply here.

-- C.B.