The Daily Wrap

Today we focused our Dishness on the OPR report. Reax here and here. Andrew punctuated its horrors and countered Ron Fournier over Cheney's role. Jack Balkin and Empty Wheel set their sights on the report's main culprit while Scott Horton revealed the redacted lawyer. We also gleaned insight from a Fallows reader and a Dish reader. Meanwhile, Yoo continued to shock and awe while Obama quietly executed the war on terror and dismantled DADT. Petraeus and Powell got his back.

In other coverage, Cohn conveyed the new Obama healthcare plan, Ezra assessed the politics, Hennessey found it to be a diligent compromise, and Chait anticipated a big GOP freakout (countered by Sprung).

Andrew saw hope in Paulites while other bloggers begged to differ.  We further exposed Ryan Sorba, and the rest was left to Dan Savage.  Instapundit got taken down over his default idea, Joe Klein offered advice to Obama on Israel, Kummer and Balko revealed the healthy side of Walmart, and we rounded up the latest on anti-bigotry in Africa. This is a great window.

-- C.B.