The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we continued to analyze the OPR report, with help from Scott Horton, a reader, and last year's top Dish emailer. Another reader called out Catholics over torture with some historical perspective. Elsewhere, Drum and Steinglass differed over whether to deem Joe Stack a terrorist, Mark Shea wondered about the reaction to his daughter had she been Muslim, and Steve King went off the deep end again.

Andrew crafted a long response to Chait over implied anti-semitism, just in time for Abe Foxman to use the smear straight up. More ugliness hereAckerman and Friedersdorf piled on Thiessen, Palin got checked by an actress with Down Syndrome, and a Virginia politician spouted some awful things about handicapped children. HCR-related analysis from Jonathan Bernstein, Nate Silver, Peter Suderman, David Brooks, Ezra Klein, and John Graham. Tripp Palin could be off to the death panels.

Andrew's weekly column focused on the ironies surrounding gay conservatives in the US and the UK. We featured a new and revealing protest video from Iran, with further analysis here. Some final words on Sorba here, pot update here, Scientologist update here, and cool ad here. And this MHB was especially brilliant.

Finally, the Dish confirmed the age of consent within the Vatican - and it's lower than you might think.

-- C.B.