The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw Netanyahu escalate the provocation of the Palestinians. Joe Klein furrowed his brow at the situation while Kevin Sullivan took on the foreign minister. Jewish readers defended Andrew against Abe Foxman while others challenged his criticism of Israel here and here. Greenwald and TNC tore into Newsweek for their "terrorist" debate. More OPR coverage here, more Yoo exposure here, and more Thiessen pwnage here.

In Palin news, Bristol upped her celebrity, Meg Stapleton quit, and Sarah seemed to be an empty suit when it comes to disability rights. Jeb Bush knocked her intellect and Peter Brown called her the right's Jesse Jackson.

In other coverage, Bruce Bartlett shook his head at "starve the beast" conservatives, Steele flaunted his fiscal recklessness, and Howard Gleckman examined the Wyden-Gregg tax reform proposal. Andrew railed against Tom Ricks' case for staying in Iraq. Fox News hated on Ron Paul, GMA revealed some fascinating details from the Joe Stack story, and CSPAN found its inner monster truck rally. Moore Awards here and here.

-- C.B.