The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we followed coverage of the healthcare summit. Reax here and here. More commentary and analysis from Jonathan Bernstein, Mark Blumenthal, Jon Cohn, and Ross Douthat. Andrew wanted to laud Paul Ryan but couldn't quite get there. Meanwhile, McCain huffed and Palin watched hockey.

Readers here and here disagreed with Andrew on the latest provocations in Israel, Goldblog sided with Andrew, and we were informed from a good source that the Mossad actually did do it. OPR update here. Andrew suspected Newsweek was being ironic about their semantic debate over terrorism, and Newsweek largely confirmed it.

Another beauty contestant spoke out against gay people, Maggie naturally jumped in, and Andrew came down hard. Pete Davis sounded off on the Gregg-Wyden bill and Rick Hertzberg picked apart Rush's racism. Hilarious correction of the day here.

-- C.B.