The Cannabis Closet: Reader Reviews


by Chris Bodenner

Dish readers are starting to react to their newly-arrived copies of the book, still selling at for only $5.95 (use promo-code DISH for $3 off shipping). One writes:

I'm published! Well, not really, but I just got my copy of The Cannabis Closet today and right there, on page 107, is the story I sent you eight months ago, the one about chronic joint pain. I am continually amazed by the diversity of people and experiences in this book. We really only have one thing in common: we all take pot.

I'm about to go back to the hospital tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep (I can sleep!). I think I'm going to settle in with some junk food (I actually have an appetite!), take my nightly dose of cannabis, and relax with this book (pain free!). There's only one problem: those brownies on the cover look reeeeally delicious ...

Reviews of the book, good or bad, are welcome. Another writes:

I love the Cannabis Closet thread.  I just received my copy.  Now I think you should start a psilocybin thread. I'm sure it's not nearly as widely used as marijuana, but there's plenty of us recreational users out there. 

I feel I'm part of an unfortunate club: I'm subject to random drugs tests at work.  The tests are par for the course in my industry: construction.  While this is almost a useless exercise is preventing abuse of anything serious (i.e. cocaine, heroin, etc.), it has all but extinguished my marijuana activities.  I only smoke before I go on vacation. I'm relatively healthy and know THC doesn't stay in my body very long. 

Psilocybin is one of the drugs that the urine test does not test.  While I don't eat mushrooms as much as I smoked marijuana, it still provides a unique therapeutic release for me.  Ideally I eat mushrooms twice a year to clear out my head.  They have this wonderful effect of unclogging stray emotions and back-burner thoughts in this creative emotional release. 

During my trip, my mental clog of thoughts reveals itself as this hairball of structures and while I'm peaking this hairball explodes, and reveals each and every emotion and thought that made up the hairball in a beautiful separation. At this point, I'm able to assess these thoughts and reach resolution/clarification.  Resolution comes in many forms, but each of the issues revealed is always brought to closure.  When I come down, I feel I'm starting with a completely clear head and can process thoughts and emotions.

I've used mushrooms before making major life decisions: taking a new job, quitting a job, choosing to propose to my now wonderful wife, etc. Mushrooms are basically a pipe cleaner for my brain. I love it.  I even enjoy a handful of mushrooms while viewing Pirates of the Caribbean; not every trip should be a mental exercise.

Any readers willing to share a particularly profound or unique experience on shrooms?