Terrorists Are Criminals Too

Amy Davidson still doesn't understand why Republicans resist trying terrorists as criminals:

If it had been discovered, midway through Timothy McVeigh’s trial for the Oklahoma City bombing, that he had a connection to Al Qaeda (and yes, there are those out there who believe he didit all has to do with the Philippines), would we have abandoned the process that led to his conviction and execution?

Another strong point:

Terrorists can’t be tried as criminals, we are also told, because they came to this country with the aim of killing Americans. What about a man who flies to America and kills his sister or ex-girlfriend who’s an American citizen, and maybe a couple of her friends for good measure, because he believes she is not living up to the strictures of her religion? (Or just because he’s jealous, or for no reason at all?) What if he went home and had to be arrested in his apartment by, say, the French police? Wouldn’t he be a criminal? Would Cheney be offended by the idea of putting him on trial, and in jail? A real jail, that isnot a limbo like Guantánamo.