Stapleton Down


Geoffrey Dunn scrutinizes the Politico scoop:

There have been reports of trouble brewing in Palin's inner-circle for a while--of near breakdowns and dramatic outbursts--as the arrival of more paid political hacks from outside Alaska has created furious infighting for Palin's favors. Ironically, Barr's lone source for his story (other than Stapleton herself) was the Palin sycophant Fred Malek who has apparently found new life and some pep in his step as a source for everything Palin. [...] Stapleton's "explanatory" email to Barr begged for some follow-up (of course, there was none)

Alaska blogger Jesse Gryphen:

It is definitely worth noting that there is NOTHING about Meg's resignation from the Palin camp. Not on Twitter, not on Facebook, nowhere! Not to be TOO conspiratorial here, but if Meg really notified her boss [last week] that she was leaving don't you think there would a prepared statement ready to go on the day that it was reported to the media?

Things that make you go hmmm. The closest to a Palin statement came from CNN:

There are no immediate plans to hire a replacement for Stapleton, a source close to the Palin family told CNN. The source noted that the family, which takes pride in their Alaskan identity, are comfortable speaking in their own voice.

(Stapleton is originally from New York.)  Calderone notes the near total shutdown of media-Palin relations.  Another bit of reporting from ADN:

[Stapleton] said there are no plans for her to have any role, either formally or informally, with Palin. "If she asks or needs any advice I'm always happy to give my opinion."

Mudflats provides a comprehensive look at her Alaska tenure and departure:

[I]t’s always a matter of time with Palin’s inner sanctum.  One by one, they fall by the wayside, either frozen out, ignored until they quit, thrown overboard in the night, or publicly chucked under the bus like human speed bumps.  Campaign supporters, loyal friends, her former chief of staff, her former legislative director, her trusted inner-sanctum go-to guy, commissioners of various stripes, the Democrats who helped her pass the only memorable legislation she ever had - all gone and forgotten; all relegated to the dustbin of Palin history, sucked dry, used up and traded in. [...]

Let’s see.  Who’s left in that inner sanctum?  Kristan Cole, Kris Perry, and…. Todd.  And then there were three.

Chris Cillizza counts the people left in her political circle. While non-Alaskan blogs are muted over Stapleton's exit, the comments section at the ADN has erupted:

I remember Meg Stapleton. She's the one who talked trash about Walt Monegan. Walt Monegan is a Marine and was a patrolman for APD and an outstanding commissioner for DPS before Palin fired him because he has character and refused to be Palin's henchman and fire her ex-brother-in-law. Meg Stapleton should move back to the east coast. She isn't welcome in Alaska anymore.

Another commenter:

It amazes me how it's always about the family. Wasn't the family important before people take these jobs?

Shannyn Moore:

BOOK DEAL in 3-2-1…

We're all ears, so to speak.

(Image: Stapleton first entered the national spotlight in 2003 when she was tackled by a reindeer while reporting a live segment in Anchorage.)