Rumblings In Iran

Scott Lucas is tracking them:

What is harder to read, in part because of those fogged communications, are the preparations for the demonstrations. Is the claim of “3 million on the streets” taken not from an opposition spokesperson but from a source inside Tehran’s police headquarters best assessment, a bit of sensationalism, or even disinformation to set up a let-down when the crowds fall short of that number?

The LA Times blog, Babylon & Beyond, is also at the ready. More pre-2/11 junta awfulness reported here:

Reports have filtered out from across Iran of people being roused from their beds during midnight raids and disappearing into the penal system without an official word to family and friends, and of overcrowded jails and long stays in solitary confinement, according to human rights groups inside and outside Iran.

Though the government does not report the numbers of those arrested, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, a group based in New York, calculated that in the past two months alone at least 1,000 people have been put in prison, many arrested under a blanket detention order issued in June that empowers the police to take anyone into custody for any reason.