Radosh Responds

He starts by claiming he is a centrist conservative and I, of course, am a left-liberal. That apparently is in some way relevant to my concern about his publication of a baldy racist and McCarthyite Internet smear. My concern was the blanket descriptions such as "Arab facts" and "Arab truth," as if an entire ethnic group is beyond something as fundamental as truth or honesty, something that real anti-Semites once said of all Jews. These words cannot mean anything given the enormous complexity of the Arab world except racist demonization. Radosh then uses the occasion for more attacks on Richard Goldstone. Eventually, he gets to the point:

As to the charge of racism - which is the reason Sullivan wants my blog removed from PJM - he ... asserts that to say there is something called “Arab facts, Arab information and Arab truth” that cannot be trusted is simply racist. It is clear that Sullivan does not remember the many false and accepted Arab claims about the Al Dura incident a few years ago, in which many in the media believed the false and staged reports about how the IDF had intentionally killed a Palestinian father attempted to shield his son from being hit during a battle.

One might also recall the false claims by Hamas and its American supporters in the International Solidarity Movement that Rachel Corrie was intentionally murdered by the IDF to scare off peaceful protesters opposed to the Israeli “occupation” of Gaza. I could go on and on with many such examples of the kind of Arab facts that Chweidan warned Goldstone against accepting.

This is simply repeating the same racism - "Arab claims" "Arab facts" - this time in Radosh's own words. This makes the whole thing much worse.

I have no doubt that there are instances in which Hamas has lied; in which Palestinians have lied; in which Saddam Hussein has lied; in which Assad has lied; in which the Saudi leaders have lied; and on and on and on. But lying is not restricted to any racial or ethnic group. It is a human failing; and it affects all of us. To describe an entire people as liars is disgusting. To say that an entire ethnic group is somehow uniquely outside the realm of truth and honesty is despicable. And I repeat that if anyone had ever written, in derogatory fashion, about "Jewish facts, Jewish information and Jewish truth" or "Jewish claims" and "Jewish facts", in any reputable publication in the United States, their career would be over.

The double standard on this is so grotesque it beggars belief.