Quote For The Day II

"It wasn't enough to threaten our relations with the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Austria and the whole of the European Union, as well as the emirates and other moderate Muslim states, by apparently violating the basic conventions of all civilized states in the Dubai murder.

It was necessary to stage a quick follow-up, for the sake of balance, perhaps, in going after our relations with Israel's indispensable ally. In a gratuitous move breathtaking in its haughtiness, its ignorance of and disrespect for the United States and the American Jewish community, the Foreign Ministry - spearhead of Israel's campaign against boycotts abroad - elected this week to boycott a meeting with five U.S. Congressmen visiting Israel.

Why? The representatives were visiting under the auspices of J Street. J Street, in the ministry's eyes, is guilty of the crime of explicitly calling itself pro-Israel, while not agreeing wholeheartedly with everything the government of Israel says and does," - Bradley Burston, Haaretz.

Everything in this piece reflects what I've been trying to express this past year about the suicidal and ugly nature of Israel's current government, its contempt for Obama and the US, its utter tin ear with respect to global opinion, and the far more terrifying fact that this attitude now seems to enjoy vast support among Israelis themselves. Washington needs to wake up and face down the bullies and thugs of the pro-Israel Beltway. This is not the Israel we knew.