Palin's Only Trick


Julian Sanchez warns:

She’s playing exactly the same game she’s been playing since her big debut at the Republican National Convention: Making herself an irresistible target of “elite” scorn so that everyone who identifies with her feels equally attacked. This is not exactly a subtle strategy, but for some reason, high-level Dems who are supposed to be deeply media savvy keep getting suckered.

I know many of you disagreed with me on Gibbs, but I stick to my guns. I should add I think he's a truly awful press secretary as far as watching him on television is concerned. Such a total mediocrity, inarticulate, smug, insidery and on and on. I don't have much interaction with the Obama press staff but what interaction I have had has only deepened the impression that they are part of what's wrong with Washington, not part of what's right. Incompetent and aloof for the most part as well.

(Cartoon by Ted McCagg)