Palin Ups The Ante

Now, Palin mouthpiece Meg Stapleton is reported in Politico as saying that Greg Sargent was taking her response about Rush Limbaugh's "retard" comment out of context:

Stapleton told POLITICO that the comment given to The Plum Line was not specifically aimed at Limbaugh. "The Washington Post is trying hard to take the pressure off the White House by creating a side controversy, but it is missing the point," Stapleton said. "As the governor has said, it doesn't matter who says the 'r' word. It should no longer be part of our lexicon."

As usual with the Palin camp's lies, this is belied by, you know, what most sane people call proof. Here's Greg's explanation of the exact series of events, and the email to Stapleton that prompted her statement:


Palin seems to believe that if she just keeps lying about things that are demonstrably untrue, they become true. She's bonkers and dangerous, because there are too many people prepared to follow her fantasies out of resentment than the facts in the public domain.