Not An '80s Band

The Pet Shop Boys - a 100 million album-selling global phenomenon for 25 years (apart, weirdly from the US where radio simply cannot get over the myth that they're an '80s band) - give another interview on CNN. The video below helps explain why I love them so much. It's their personality and sensibility, which is uncannily like my own. Not everyone has a pop group that might as well be them. I do. I can't really explain how they have been the soundtrack of my entire adult life, and how they speak to my soul and mind and sense of humor to an almost ridiculous extent; and how their interests and ideas have tracked my own over two and a half decades. My most recent interview with them can be read in full here and here. Video after the jump, since I know a lot of you think this is about as weird a fascination of mine as the real provenance of Trig: