More Palin Weirdness

So we have two stories out there. The first is that Fox News fembot Sarah Palin called Senator-elect Scott Brown to congratulate him on his election victory that night. But ...

In a Jan. 28 interview with the Associated Press, Brown said he didn’t know Palin, had never spoken with her and that she never reached out to him.

After Palin insisted she did too call him,

A Brown aide said the call from the former Republican presidential candidate "had completely slipped his mind," and added that it was very nice of her to make the call.

This is very strange. There are two possibilities.

Either Scott Brown was fibbing because any proximity to Palin is political death in Massachusetts. Or Sarah Palin is hallucinating again, and trying to insinuate they are pals, when they are not.

My problem with the former scenario is that a) no one would forget if the Wasilla whack-job called them up and spoke with them on their night of victory and b) a congratulatory phone call does not hurt Brown at all. I mean he would only have been polite.

Which leaves the possibility of an odd lie. There's one way to clear this up, of course. Can Palin release the phone record of the call? Or is that as inaccessible as her medical records?