The future former governor of Alaska in Sarah Palin: The Untold Story, now on magazine stands. Andrea Stone finds that Alaskans are happy to be rid of her:

Palin has "what any politician out there would kill for," said Andrew Halcro, who competed against Palin as an independent gubernatorial candidate in 2006 and is challenging U.S. Rep. Don Young in the Republican primary this year. "And that is the ability to make substance irrelevant."

Speaking of her new side job as a news-network analyst, Halcro said, "It's brilliant for Fox. She brings in a built-in audience who want to listen to Sarah Palin and not listen to what she says." It's also, he believes, an opportunity that fits her better than her old position did.

"This is her sweet spot. This is what she was always cut out to do. She's found her groove."

She's a beauty queen again! And her Fox gig is basically the equivalent of the interview segments of a pageant. Plus: she gets to rake in more moolah ... until the hole she has already dug for herself falls in on her.