Maybe Tomorrow Does Not To Belong To Her

The latest WAPO/ABC poll is Xanax for the soul. The American people are not that stupid:

Just one in four (26 percent) of those polled said she is qualified to be president while a whopping 71 percent said she wasn't up to the job. (Even among self identified Republicans, just 46 percent believe Palin is qualified to be president while 52 percent say she isn't.)

My concern is the remarkable lack of talent in GOP ranks at a possible presidential level, and the unknowable economic future, in which populism could surprise us all. I mean: Romney?

Huckabee? Gingrich? She has a quality and charisma that simply blows these guys out of the water - and Huckabee's record on pardons and fiscal liberalism will kill him in a GOP primary race. Maybe the GOP will try and find someone - Jeb? Scott Brown? - and fend her off. But then she could become a third party candidate.

She believes God has chosen her. So do her millions of supporters.