Enduring America:

How Big Was the Security Presence to Prevent a March In Tehran? Have a look at the picture [above] from Sadeghiyeh Square, which was to be the start point for a move on Azadi Square and which was where Mehdi Karroubi was turned back.

Tara Mahtafar and Roshanak Taghavi offered some ominous observations last night:

We were able to find only two videos of tonight's "Allahu Akbar" chants. Usually there are easily a dozen, and typically more, videos posted on YouTube. One well-known Iranian blogger now living outside of Iran said in a Skype interview that the lack of information is "very disheartening" and could indicate a major decline in the flow of information tomorrow compared with previous protest days. "Based on the trend of blocking messengers and emails in the last couple days, I'm afraid that on 22 Bahman the internet might go into total lockdown," the blogger said.

On the other hand, the Guardian - which is doing some great live-blogging - reports that the opposition movement is trying to coordinate a major rally in central Tehran at 4 pm (7.30 am EST).