Live-Blogging 22 Bahman

Enduring America is going strong:

0745 GMT: Attack on Karroubi.

The best report so far re the claimed assault on Mehdi Karroubi comes from a Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty journalist who talked to Karroubi’s son: “Karroubi and his car came under attack by hardliners, people being beaten up.” Parleman News and Fereshteh Ghazi are now reporting the attack as well.

As is IranNewsNow:

[10:49AM Tehran Time]

BREAKING NEWS: Multiple reliable sources report that Opposition Leader, Karroubi’s vehicle has been attacked, the windows broken. Karroubi left the scene!!

[10:46AM Tehran Time]

MikVerbrugge and several others have reported tear gas fired at north corner of Falekeh Sadeghiyeh. I consider this unconfirmed for now, but watching closely.

Josh Shahryar at Daily Nite Owl:

10:03 AM (Tehran Time)

There are reports that clashes have begun between security forces and protesters in Central Tehran – mainly in Sadeghie, where Mehdi Karroubi is expected to arrive within a short while. This could not be confirmed through other sources yet. There are now also reports that there have been clashes at Azadi Square in Central Tehran.

9:54 AM (Tehran Time) reports that internet access in Tehran has become extremely slow. So far there are no videos, pictures or audio of protests inside Iran. There are new reports that people have started chanting at Azadi Square.


08:30 a.m. IRIB1 is showing Azadi St., leading to Sharif University of Technology. The area is surrounded with people carrying Iranian flags and photos of the leader. The reporter is saying: “despite official calls for the demonstrations to begin 9:30 a.m., people have been gathering since 7 a.m.”

Which means: knowing that protesters would arrive early (on the blogistan, they had planned to arrive around 8), they’ve taken in their people from early in the morning (some reports indicate from the night before).

NIAC is planning to live-blog soon. Masoud and Babylon & Beyond will have coverage as well.

(Image from here. Likely translation: "I have a dream and one day i will get that dream")