Killing The Oceans

Carl Zimmer highlights a new report:

The acidification of the ocean today is bigger and faster than anything geologists can find in the fossil record over the past 65 million years. Indeed, its speed and strength Ridgwell estimate that current ocean acidification is taking place at ten times the rate that preceded the mass extinction 55 million years ago may spell doom for many marine species, particularly ones that live in the deep ocean. 

This is the beginning of Lent. As a Catholic, one of the things I'll be repenting for is living in a civilization that treats this astonishing planet as something to be used rather than conserved. That the Christianist right, most markedly in its older generations, is more often than not allied with the destruction of God's creation or moronic denial of the severe stress it is under is one more example of how detached from Christianity so many of them have become. And that people who call themselves "conservative" seem to have such contempt for actual conservation is also a sign of how far the right has lost its soul.

But keep those snow day global warming chuckles coming, Mr Ailes. You'll wring out a few more ratings.

(Hat tip: Dreher)