Is Ahmadi Panicking?

After executing young protesters, the thugs who run Iran are now allegedly changing their tune on the nuclear deal they turned down only recently:

"We have no problem sending our enriched uranium abroad," Ahmadinejad told state television, according to Reuters.

"We say: we will give you our 3.5 percent enriched uranium and will get the fuel. It may take 4 to 5 months until we get the fuel," he said. "If we send our enriched uranium abroad and then they do not give us the 20 percent enriched fuel for our reactor, we are capable of producing it inside Iran."

The U.S. reacted cautiously to the interview, indicating it was willing to listen if Iran has genuinely changed its position on the fuel swap deal, while it was continuing preparations with key allies on sanctions for further pressuring Iran. Iran has previously publicly said it was willing to send its low enriched uranium abroad, but it had balked at sending it out all in one batch, as a proposal worked out by the UN atomic energy agency last fall had stipulated. U.S. officials said it remained to be seen if Iran had changed its position on that.

He's jumpy, isn't he? February 11 is coming.