If Joe Stack's Daughter Were A Muslim

Mark Shea does a thought experiment:

Although she said that act was "inappropriate", she hopes that "now maybe people will listen." Charles Krauthammer has instructed us that if you have the "slightest belief" that torture will save a *single* life then you are morally bound to do it. Surely, there is at least the *chance* that this woman is linked to other extremists and terrorists. She was, after all, raised by an extremist and terrorist and she publically acclaims him as a hero...

In short, if this woman were Muslim, the Rubber Hose Right would be demanding that she be subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques in order to determine who else she may know who might be about to fly a plane into a building as an act of terrorism.

But because she's the white daughter of a home grown terrorist who looks and sounds like part of the right wing tribe of kooky "Patriot" types, she gets a pass, even while Marc Thiessen is seriously expecting that subjecting a low level lackey like the panty bomber to waterboarding for the sake of email addresses is going to accomplish something.

Make no mistake: part of what drives the push for torture is racism. Or, to put it another way, part of what keeps torture from being fully implemented in our culture is that those who advocate it would never dream of inflicting it on their own kind. It is for the Other.