How To Get Good Intelligence

Among the more disgusting revelations of the mindset behind the torture program of the last administration was John Yoo's defense of crushing the testicles of a child if it could lead to his terrorist father's confession to some piece of intelligence. Threats against family members - a mainstay of totalitarian regimes - were imported into the US system by the war criminals of the last administration. Now check out how an American interrogation actually works:

Mr. Abdulmutallab, 23, began speaking to F.B.I. agents last week in Detroit and has not stopped, two government officials said. The officials declined to disclose what information was obtained from him, but said it was aiding in the investigation of the attempted terrorist attack.

“With the family, the F.B.I. approached the suspect,” the senior administration official said, speaking to reporters at the White House on the condition of anonymity because of the pending legal case. “He has been cooperating for days.”

The idea that there is a conflict between Western values and effective war-making and intelligence-gathering is a lie fostered by the panicked, frightened thugs who took over this country for seven years.