Hook-Ups With GPS

Dreher finds Grindr dehumanizing:

No doubt there will be a heterosexual version of Grindr out soon (the website AshleyMadison.com already exists to connect married people who want to have an extramarital fling), and straights who want to find out who's sexually available can arrange impromptu hook-ups with little fuss. My guess is that most people, after a certain age, will find this sort of thing gross. But let's say there were a Grindr-type app for heteros (or, for that matter, if gay teens put Grindr on their iPhones): does anybody doubt that teenage boys would think of this thing as the greatest thing since the invention of cars? Seriously, it would dramatically lower the barriers to entry into the world of active sexuality, because the jumpy teenager wouldn't have to work up the nerve to talk to potential partners to find out if they are even available.

Well, there ain't nothing anyone can do about it even if they tried. This kind of technology is unstoppable.