Goldblog's Response

I just want to say that he is absolutely right that I am nowhere near as well-versed in the minutiae of Israeli or Palestinian politics as he is, which is why I constantly link to him and other experts in the field as often as I can. But "vitriolic Israel-basher?" Please.

But again there is this conflation of Israel with "the Jews" which is simply something I do not share. I can see why many Jewish Americans do, and profoundly understand their motivation for it. But that's their business, not mine. And I don't think I single out Israel as "the Sarah Palin of nations." I think that surely applies to my treatment of the Iranian junta, whose brutality and evil I have documented with passion.

Yes, I get emails from all sorts of cranks, but most of the harassment comes from ferocious defenders of Israel and haters of homosexuals. I would be grateful for an example of a