From Froomkin To Thiessen

There was only one regular opinion writer at the Washington Post who strongly and consistently opposed and exposed the torture policies and war crimes of the Bush-Cheney administration, Dan Froomkin. He was not on the op-ed page, which prominently features Charles Krauthammer, the intellectual architect of the descent of the US into the torture methods of the Gestapo, Khmer Rouge and Inquisition.

But now, Fred Hiatt has gone one step further.

He has hired as a columnist Marc Thiessen, a proud defender of torture, one of Cheney's chief propagandists, who is now promoting his book claiming that everything was kosher under Bush and Cheney and that nothing even remotely illegal or unethical took place. Thiessen's new book's subtitle is "How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack," because he is not continuing the torture program of his predecessor.

If you ever believed for a minute that Dan was fired for anything but challenging the Krauthammer line on torture, think again.