Email Of The Day

A reader writes:

You spent your Saturday night live blogging Sarah Palin???!!!! Are you insane?!!

She is a media personality - driven by a corporate media who knows she sells - just like any other Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears. Don't you get it?! You guys have become her papparazzi! You just can't get enough of her and I'm beginning to worry about you. Quit feeding the frenzy and watch how quickly her star fades. Really. Trust me on this. As soon as the media - whom she demeans at every opportunity by the way - stops reporting on her, well - it's out of sight and out of mind. It will drive her and her handlers crazy. Now go enjoy yourself.

And get away from the damn TV.

Well I spent much of the day in the snow with the dogs. And what the hell are you doing reading a blog on Saturday night anyway? (Just kidding).