Elevating An Ex-Governor

Politico profiles the dysfunctional love affair between Palin and the MSM:

We know we’re part of the problem and we’ll surely continue to run stories about Palin. But we’re looking at you, top newspaper editors and network executives listen to your grumbling political reporters when they try to tell you why going overboard on the Hockey Mom beat isn’t wise. Palin is no doubt a phenomenon she's going to draw monster crowds and be an in-demand fundraiser for GOP candidates this fall. And she may overcome her weaknesses to make a run for the White House. But to cover her as the chief alternative to Obama and the presumptive frontrunner for the GOP nomination in 2012 borders on dishonest. Yes, she’s good copy and yes she’s good for business. But that doesn’t mean she should be treated like a president-in-waiting.

I'll still watch her like a hawk.