Dissents Of The Day

Jesse_james_portrait Tedbundy Oj

A reader writes:

The "Criminals Are Ugly" link prompted a note of "interesting" from the Dish, but what is also "interesting" is the history of that idea, which is not in any way new. Perhaps you guys haven't read your Mismeasure of Man in a while, but the physical appearance of criminals has attracted a lot of attention over the years, most famously from Cesare Lombroso. Maybe a suggestion for readers to Google "Cesare Lombroso" or "atavistic stigmata" would prompt some reading as "interesting" as a glib note about a topic with a truly "ugly" history.

Another writes:

Yep, Jeffery Dahmer was real ugly.  And Paul Bernardo. You know it reminds me of what they said about homosexuals in sex ed back when I was in grade nine: ALL homosexuals were ugly with low self esteem and had pock marked faces ... that is what they told us!!

(Photos of Jesse James, Ted Bundy, and OJ Simpson)