Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I agree with you that the Green Revolution in Iran was an extremely important event in 2009. But what is up with that video? I think it really cheapens the entire thing. It uses audio clips from Hollywood movies and puts them into the mouths of real people, living through real events, that, trust me, are no Hollywood movie (did I hear Jean-Luc Picard in there?). I mean. . . really? No one needs to Hollywood this up. This is serious, serious stuff. There is plenty of raw, completely gripping footage coming out of Iran that speaks for itself. No one needs to try and jerk people's emotions around with a lame Hollywood soundtrack.

Point taken. I really wavered over posting that clip for exactly those reasons and then thought screw it. It is cheesy at times, almost like a movie trailer. But it came from the same sources who have funneled us so many other videos and captured something of the build-up to February 11. For dozens of less cheesy, unedited clips, click here.