Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I see, so now it is the MEDIA who is responsible for Global Warming alarmism? Is James Hansen a member of the media? How about Al Gore? How about the hundreds of other "scientists" who give speeches on C-Span about the world ending? Are they the media as well?

I don't understand, why do you have a horse in this race? Global warming exists, but why is it so hard for you to admit that scientists are human too, that scientists exaggerate to promote agendas, and that scientists want to keep their coffers full by promoting alarmism? The more info that comes out, the less trustworthy all these scientists seem. And you think it exasperates the warm-mongers to see their dire predictions repeated ad infinitum in the media? THEY LOVE IT! The whole point is to scare the populace into action, just like the Right does with terrorism. Sad how easily you give in to the fear, both in your initial support of the Iraq debacle and now your willful refusal to countenance any dissent from the warm-mongers agenda.

For someone who is so adamant about catching the Clintons or Palin in all their stupid lies, you have a remarkable tolerance for the lies of the global warming crowd. Or do you not remember their predictions of a future without winter, and how snow would be a thing of the past? There's a reason people laugh at the warm-mongers after we have these huge snow blizzards. We laugh at how stupid they sound when they try to scare us into thinking winter will be something only old people remember as we're shoveling ourselves out of a foot of snow. And then they try to backtrack by saying of course global warming will cause huge snow blizzards, it's all the extra moisture!!! They only recently discovered what moisture can do? Give me a break.

You deride the skeptics who come out of the woodwork after a huge snow storm, yet I see no similar derision when the warm-mongers come out of the woodwork after some big hurricane or flood. What the hell has happened to you?