Dissent Of The Day II

A reader writes:

While I am in complete agreement with you regarding the appallingness of Sarah Palin, I think that you have gone slightly too far in this post.  While Meg Stapleton is perfectly entitled to make her own decisions concerning her balance between work and home-life, I don't think that it is fair to criticize "Palin's decision to launch a national campaign, a book tour and a cable news career while having custody of an infant with Down Syndrome".  It is not impossible to manage these three things while looking after a Down syndrome child, and if anyone has the resources to do it, it is Palin (not to mention that Fox is likely a sympathetic employer). 

Your criticism here is coming uncomfortably close to the anti-feminist critiques of Palin that we saw during the election. And this is bad, because such illegitimate attacks distract from those much more valid critiques based on her ... well, there's just so much!  Keep on revealing the tenuousness of her relationship with reality, her neofascistic instincts, her lack of intellectual curiosity, her dismissal of those who hold different values to her (i.e. most of us), and her other many substantive flaws.  And keep on criticizing her for using Trig as a political prop.  Just don't criticize her for being a parent and having a career at the same time.