Controlling The Crowds, Ctd

Iran News Now disagrees with NIAC:

How can one say that “the government of Iran managed to keep opposition activities largly on their terms today”?

Under what basis? Hasn’t the fact that the Opposition has used non-violent protests for 8 months to counter the regime’s lies and brutality, to the point that the regime cannot stop the protests, cannot prevent the videos from being broadcast instantaneously to the world, and now has had to seemingly calibrate its brutality to the point that it is starting to try to reduce casualties, actually shown that it is the Greens that have the regime on their terms?

Think about it. The protests took place, thousands entered the streets and chanted against the regime with slogans like “Referendum! Referendum!” and “Free Political Prisoners!”, they confronted and faced the regime forces–and this time, the regime had to use so much more security presence than on past protest days–and they suffered far less casualties than on Ashura and many other bloody protest days. This means that the regime cannot stifle the voices of the people. It is being heard loud and clear, both inside Iran–even on official government channels to the behest of the regime–and outside Iran, to the world. This means the regime simply can’t stop this cycle of protests against them. They will continue to get weaker, more cracks will form in their islamo-mafioso social structures, more of their money has to get spent on paying for their vast security apparatuses, more pressure will be applied via sanctions targeting the IRGC, or the threat thereof and more Iranians, from more cities, towns and villages add their voices to the calls for freedoom and justice.