Cameron's Pitch

Frum calls this video a "glimpse of the GOP future":

I think this would give the current GOP base a heart attack myself.

And I'd notice also that it completely side-tracks Britain's fiscal crisis and makes no argument as to how the UK can afford all that Cameron says he wants. Yes, there are quite bold plans for cutting spending in the Tory platform right now - but not in healthcare, where so much of the problem remains. And remember too that Cameron's healthcare policy - defending a truly socialist system - makes Barack Obama look like Ron Paul. And his admirable commitment to strengthening marriage as an institution is directly linked to civil equality for gay couples - another issue on which the Tories are now light-years ahead of the GOP.

Maybe in a few elections' time, the GOP will be able to recast its image this way while also restoring fiscal balance by a safety net that really does help the neediest and not prosperous boomer retirees. I sure hope David is right and I'll do my bit to make the case. But I don't see it any time soon in the Party of Palin, do you?