Bush-Cheney In 2012! Bush-Cheney For Ever!

Reihan urges the GOP to selectively cooperate:

If Republicans choose not to pivot, if they instead continue to rely exclusively on scorched-earth opposition, they'll find that victories in 2010 won't translate into victories in 2012, when the electorate will be larger and more inclined to elect problem-solvers and not bomb-throwers.

Ya think? From Day One, the GOP has had one strategy, utterly unrelated to the country's interests, and utterly divorced from any responsibility for their own past: the destruction of any alternative to Bush-Cheney conservatism.

They believe that the policies of 2000 - 2008 are the right ones for the future, which is why their only economic policies are tax cuts, why they refuse to cut any spending, why they believe in more aggression abroad, and why they still hold to a view of the presidency that places it entirely above the law - or capable of simply pronouncing the law to say what it plainly does not - in order to wage war outside constitutional restraints.

And that appears to be what a large section of the country really, really wants: a second Bush-Cheney administration. If you doubt it, ask any of the current Republican leaders which policies of Bush and Cheney they specifically refuse to continue.