An Omen For Next Week?

An Iranian source writes:

The city of Lar is a small town in the Farsi Province (the capital of the province is Shiraz (where the wine came from) ) ...The back-story is that the government suddenly decided it wanted to separate the city from its county and attach it to another county. That precipitated a riot ... there are reports of direct shooting into protesters by the guards and the city's electricity has been caught off. Nevertheless this video made it out, and tellingly, the slogans are very similar to those chanted in Tehran, "Down with this cabinet! I will kill those who killed my brother!...etc.

More here, where the back-story is described thus:

The clashes were a result of the people’s discontent over the decision to make Gerash, one of the nearby villages into a city. Some windows were smashed and people were arrested and injured. Anti-riot police used tear gas and fired shots to disperse [the crowd]. The people reacted by fighting back.

This could be just a regional flare-up. But the slogans are what make this interesting. The regime is deeply unpopular in many places other than Tehran.