[Various Reader Comments On Redesign If You Wanna Use Any]

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We're back to blue now? No more green in solidarity with Iranians protesting against their government?

Love the new design. May I just say that the new layout/color scheme of the Dish is so much more pleasing on the eyes? Thank you!


I'm missing green.  I was surprised last night when I refreshed Andrew's site . . .  and it came up blue.  At least I think the color changed -- it could have changed months ago and I just realized it last night. I like the green.  The dark blue is (to me) cold and unwelcoming.  And I liked that the green represented the cause of political freedom in Iran.  Perhaps, subconsciously, I feel a loss of hope, as well.

Great site redesign! Not as great as an actual iPhone version (one can dream!), but a vast improvement on the previous version.  Thanks!

The new font and column size is much worse - harder to read on Win7. Slightly worse on iPhone. Please go back.

But I have one gripe:  using a sans serif font for the quoted passages stinks.  It's much less readable.  If my eye isn't held in the text, it's all over baby. Please substitute for a proper serif font.

MUCH better!

I sadly miss the box where the latest post of each correspondent was shown, with the time of said post.  Having to go to each person's site to see what they've written lately is cumbersome!!

Your new redesign looks like a poor RSS feed, or maybe google reader. To be honest, yours has long been one of the only blogs on the Atlantic whose design I liked, the rest always seemed vaguely...wrong. To try to strike at why I liked your basic format over Ambinder, TNC, et al., yours always felt less jumbled.  Before, there was a lot of division between posts -- neat lines, a very small but highly colorized timestamp dividing the post from its title, and a nice, concise trackback/share/permalink bar at the bottom.  Now it's more or less the same, but individual posts manage to feel sprawling even as the posts in their Gestalt feel more cramped. Maybe I'll get used to it -- aesthetics marches on and all that.  But your old aesthetic had a, dare I say, conservative appeal.  It seemed resistant to the vicissitudes of faddish fashion.

The Atlantic’s website is a bit geeky this morning from the upgrade, but it must mean something that the one thing that’s working right now is The Daily Dish.  Guess the weblords knew we all needed our morning Dish fix.  I like the new look, BTW.

New color scheme's nice but would you revert to opening links in a new window? Link-wise, I liked that, until this morning, your blog didn't require a back click to return to your page after clicking a link. Often, one link leads to another and you find yourself several pages from where you began (and you weren't finished reading where you began). So I hope you get more feedback like this. I don't want to leave Andrew Sullivan's page to read what Andrew Sullivan refers to. I want a new window to open that I can check out the referenced page and then simply close it when I want to return to the Dish.

I miss the chick with the glasses looking in the window. She was kinda hot.