"The Mossad Did It"

We learn this from an authoritative source. In fighting murderous Jihadist terrorists, I have to say I find this kind of surgical execution, however awful, to be morally superior to the collateral deaths of so many innocent children and civilians, as occurred in the Gaza war under the rules of conduct the IDF allowed. It's also morally more defensible than the US drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where civilian casualties are both morally deeply troubling and strategically terrible in a war that I continue to believe is essentially unwinnable.

What seemed terribly counter-productive in the Dubai case - in what one assumes was Israel's assassination - was the use of innocent people's passports as cover - many of them citizens of other Western countries. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Bibi, like Cheney, mistakes thuggery for strategy. I can see no strategy here but more war.