"Paper: The Great Global Warming Collapse"

It's a tiny little thing, but as a longtime fan of Drudge as the pioneer of online journalism, it saddens me. Now and again, he has a shorthand when a newspaper's news pages or editorial board takes a position. Today, for example, we read:

Paper: The Great Global Warming Collapse

I'm a longtime Drudge-junkie so my first thought was this was a Brit tabloid headline. No! It's just an op-ed by a writer for Canada's Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente, by all accounts an excellent and feisty columnist, but one often regarded as a bit of a maverick at her paper (not that that's a bad thing for an opinion writer). My point: Drudge is implying she now represents an entire largely liberal, non-denialist on climate change newspaper? Sigh.