"Not Going Away"

The Leveretts gloat:

[T]he Islamic Republic is not going away.  It is remarkable how many Green Movement supporters outside Iran are now claiming that no one among them ever talked about “regime change” or the Islamic Republic’s “implosion”.  But many pro-opposition pundits have, in fact, spoken frequently in recent months about the imminent possibility of the Islamic Republic’s disappearance.  These assessments were, clearly, wrong.  The erroneous analyses of those who have worked so hard in Washington to promote this view should not go unremarked now.

An analyst at Enduring America thinks the regime's victory is Pyrrhic. Obviously the argument that the Tehran junta is not going away is a legitimate area of debate. But there is a glee with which the Leveretts write about this that I find somewhat callous given the suffering and deaths and torture of so many young lovers of freedom in that imprisoned country.