“The President Wants To Say We’re Winning!”

Ackerman highlights this passage from Speech-Less, Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer's memoir:

When Marc [Thiessen] was writing remarks on the war in Iraq, he tried to browbeat a CIA analyst who was unwilling to state unequivocally that America was winning in the war on terror. “The president wants to say we’re winning!” Marc thundered.

Just what we needed another accusation that the Bush White House wanted to politicize intelligence.

And that's his basic position on interrogation: "The President Wants To Say We're Not Torturing!" So he goes out and says it. He's a political propagandist who graduated from the schools of Jesse Helms and Dick Cheney.

So why is he now given a weekly column at the Washington Post? As if that paper's implosion wasn't obvious enough? Are there really no actual writers or independent thinkers available?