"I Will Live, I Will Die For the People Of America!"

10.02 pm. "I will live; I will die for the people of America."

10.01 pm. She again reiterates her claim that she will return her speaking fee to "the cause." Will someone - anyone - in the media ask her what that means?

10 pm. Her first priority is energy projects and cutting spending. Now she's saying that Obama is faking bipartisanship, and she doesn't believe in it if there's no core agreement.

9.59 pm. She's now backing contested primaries and says she is going to assist in some of those. This was a total embrace of the leadership of the populist tea-party movement.

9.56 pm. Her plan: support those who understand the foundation of our country. Free market principles, hard work, and then in national security: "We win. They lose." By they, she means, I think, Islamists. But how do we win? Does she think we "won" under Bush and Cheney? Again, there's nothing here but slogans and cliches - no specifics, no actual strategic arguments in foreign policy. Just fight our enemies and win.

9.54 pm. I notice how the "interviewer" keeps talking about "conservative" government rather than Republican government. She also says her own husband is more conservative than she is.

9.53 pm. Now, a screed against the "lame-stream media." "Plow on through it."

9.51 pm. She says that the key to the future is to seek "divine intervention." Reliance on the Creator. Maybe God can balance the budget.

9.50 pm. Her specifics: "We have to rein in the spending." "Jump-start energy projects, i.e. drilling." "Allowing America's spirit to rise again." One simple question: what spending will she rein in?

9.49 pm. Again, it's all about being over-taxed. And that's how we tackle the debt.