Watching Beck And Palin, Ctd: "She Is Not A Republican"

A reader writes:

Seeing Palin and Beck talk about "God" (and the Founding Fathers and--Palin's interjection--"The Founding Mothers") on Fox today was indeed revealing. She is not a Republican: she is a religious nut. Hence, as you discern, dangerous.

Aimee Semple McPherson plus Joe McCarthy plus George Wallace (or maybe substitute Joan of Arc for Aimee) plus the secular celebration of ignorance as a virtue = trouble, especially for a mixed-race, "Muslim," "non-American" President, who can be portrayed as both Lenin and Hitler simultaneously. 

It wasn't that she didn't know how to say "Biden" and said "O'biden" by mistake. And it wasn't "O'Biden," as in trying to make him more Irish. It was "Obiden" as in "Obama" as in trying to make him appear to be equally not an "American."

Roger Ailes believes she can turn Fox News from the $700 million per year profit engine it is now into the billion dollar per year company he envisioned it as from the start (see David Carr's Sunday NYTimes piece.) Once she does, Roger can retire into his Putnam County bunker to await the AQ assassination attempts. And the rest of us will have to deal with what he's wrought.

Jesus, I used to think Nixon was bad.