Touching A Raw Nerve

Passive-aggressive partisan tool Glenn Reynolds fires back:

NO, ANDREW, it’s that you’re a preening, hectoring, self-centered, unpersuasive bad writer.

So Glenn's point is that bad writing is responsible for the US becoming a torturing nation under Cheney. If I had been able to be a good writer, I might have made a difference in the fight against torture. Reynolds, in stark contrast, waged a far more effective campaign against torture by writing and saying almost nothing, except for occasional credentializing statements that he is against it, while remaining in favor of everyone who is for it.

Yes, that sounds about right. Of course we are all imperfect writers. But that's a subjective judgment and so I refer readers to my single attempt this past year to make the case as best I could in a single essay directed to the man ultimately responsible for the torture of countless prisoners, George W. Bush.

Make your own mind up. I'd also link to some writing Reynolds has produced making the case against torture for comparison but can't find anything more than a phrase here and there. Happy to post some if I missed one of his cris de coeur, and then you can make your own mind up as to who has been more effective in conveying the case against torture, me or Insta.