The Weekend Wrap

This weekend on the Dish, Rauch reviewed the Senate bill, Sarah Binder explained reconciliation, and Steve Benen saw some hope from the Democrats. On the SCOTUS decision, the Volokh Conspiracy aired the hard libertarian view and Greenwald laid out the soft one.

Junot Diaz argued that Obama's narrative is slipping, Tom Junod reflected on his first year in office, and Brendan Nyhan compared Obama and Reagan. Hanna Rosin scrutinized the sexism of the '08 election and Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry found feminism in the New Testament. Fallows highlighted some great new journalism and we pointed to some sex-positive journalism. Reason featured a forum for praising government and the NYT still had trouble with the t-word.

Elsewhere on the Dish, a dating site analyzed the best ways to allure mates, Nicole Allan gawked at food porn, Susanne Sternthal spotlighted train-riding dogs in Moscow, the Moscow Times reported on its psychopathic cops, Richard Dawkins traced the evolution of wolves, an Italian gay couple continued their hunger strike, and Susan Clancy provoked readers over sexual trauma.

We featured cartoons of Obama getting pissed off and getting caught by Wile E. Coyote (though in the real world, he's fighting back). Werner Herzog read Curious George, an English wife recorded the brilliant gibberish of her sleeping husband, and Pogo produced another quintessential MHB.

-- C.B.